Getting Started

To install FlatCV theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex -

Update WordPress: To ensure a positive user experience, we highly recommend you update your WordPress to the latest stable version 3.5+. This will help to ensure that you are able to utilize all of the latest features of WordPress.

Extract the zipped package downloaded from ThemeForest to your desktop, in the extracted package you will find file.

You can install the theme in two ways:

  • via FTP: Extract file and upload the extracted folder to /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.
  • via WordPress:
    1. Login to admin panel.
    2. Go to Appearance - Themes and click on the tab Install Themes. Choose upload.
    3. Click on Browse..., select the downloaded theme file and click in Install Now.
    4. After successfull installation click on Activate or go to Appearance - Themes and click on Activate to activate the newly installed theme.
    5. Next you will see a new menu item Appearance - Theme Options.
      Important! For first time activation, you need to hit Save All Changes under menu Appearance - Theme Options.

Theme Update

IMPORTANT: Backup your old theme folder. Download it to your computer locally.

You can upgrade the theme in a couple of ways:

Overwrite the entire theme folder

Extract file and upload the extracted folder via FTP to /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.

Re-upload via WordPress admin panel

Navigate to Appereance - Themes page. Activate a different theme. Delete previous version of FlatCV and re-upload the file (refer to basic installation) downloaded from package.

What you start from

Just for starters, it should be noted that despite the fact that FlatCV is a theme for Wordpress, it does not include blog. FlatCV is designed to create business sites (CV + portfolio).

Right after installing the theme, we recommend to go to Appearance -> Theme Options, fill out all the fields, and select the desired settings. Then, you need to create categories that will be used for selection of posts in the Resume and Portfolio sections. Under Theme options -> General-> Category for resume, select a category for the resume from the drop down list, and in the option Category for portfolio you can assign a category of posts to be displayed in the Portfolio.


Now, you are filling out the "Resume" section.

Resume Items

  1. Create a new category, for example Employment. When you create a category, assign it parent  - Resume

  2. Choose colors and icons for posts and titles of sections:

  3. Go to the posts-> Add New Resume and select a category and child category:

  4. Once you have chosen a Category Resume you will have an additional block of post settings Resume:

    Here, you can specify period and position. .

Resume sidebar

Resume tab has the sidebar intended for Widget Skills.

Resume buttons

In the Resume section there are two buttons: Print and Download. You can hide them or set up at your discretion. More in Theme Options


Now, let's talk about the content of the 'Portfolio' section.

The Post that were assigned categories Portfolio will be put out in the Portfolio section.

Since the portfolio block on the homepage is showed as image gallery with an option to filter the posts (categories are used as filter's ), when creating each item of Portfolio you need to enter the name, short description and choose Featured Image (which is necessary) - the illustration of your work.


Contacts section includes two blocks

  1. Google map that shows your location (your address is taken from the section Appearance - Theme Options - Profile)
  2. Feedback form that allows users of your website to send you information.

In Appearance - Theme Options - General you can switch the display of the components mentioned above on or off.

On ther right side from the contacts there is a Contact Page Sidebar. It is designed to display the "WP Space QR Code" widget.

This widget allows you to install the QR code from your VCard 3.0, so that users of smartphones and tablets could add your data to their address book by simply taking a picture of a qr-code from the screen.

Please, pay attention! Be careful with the widget's size. If the size is less than 150 pixels, there is a chance that gadgets will not recognize the image.

And the last but not the least. Since the procedure for generating qr-code is quite resource intensive, it can cause a delay for older computers. Therefore, we recommend you to disable the automatic code generation after each data change (turn off the checkbox "Auto"). After filling out all the fields of the widget, click "Update", and the image will be generated again. Also, remember to generate an image before saving the widget (before clicking the "Save" button).

Theme Options

Now, let's talk about the theme's settings: Appearance - Theme Options. Here you will get full control over display and functionality of the web-site.

Some groups of the settings have been described above, in the sections dedicated to the Home Page, Blog and Resume.

Here we will consider the rest of the settings.


In this section you can set the following settings:

    1. Category for resume -- determines the posts of which category will be displayed in the "Resume" section
    2. Category for portfolio -- determines the posts of which category will be displayed in the "Porfolio" section
    3. Favicon - In this field, you can upload the icon to your website.
    4. Resume File -- Upload your CV. Download link is available in Tab Resume (Download button).
    5. Portfolio posts per page - How many images per one page should be put out in the Portfolio section. If there are more of the images in the Portfolio section - they will be devided into the pages, and users will be able to turn the pages.
    6. Show Google map on Contacts tab - Whether to display Google map with your location in the Contacts block or not.
    7. Show Contact form on Contact Page - Wheter to display Contact form in the block Contacts.
    8. Footer copyright text - The text displayed in the bottom right corner of the page.
    9. Image Dimensions - What dimensions will be used to display images on the pages: "Original" - precise dimensions of the image block are used; "Heigh Resolution" - the image twice bigger fits into the original block (for accurate display on Retina).
    10. Show Resume buttons -- the option allows to show or hide the button at the bottom of the Resume section


In this section you can set your personal information.


  1. Data from the fields in this section are used in the widget "QR Code VCard". In the very widget, you can correct the information to generate qr-code.
  2. These fields of "Address" are used to generate Google Map!
  3. These fields of "Contact form Email" are used to send data from Contact form!


In this section you can customize colors set, used on tabs, buttons and titles on your website.

Widgets & Sidebars

FlatCV theme comes with 2 default widget sidebars. Have a look in Appearance - Widgets.

Theme widgets sidebars:

  1. Resume Sidebar - Displays in the section "Resume". Designed exclusively for widgets "WP Space Skills". Usage of other widgets is not provided. If you decide to set up for this sidebar any widgets, developers will not be responsible for their incorrect display.
  2. Contact Page Sidebar - Displays in the section "Contacts". Designed exclusively for the widget "WP Space QRCode" to add a qr-code with your contact information in the format VCard 3.0. Usage of other widgets is not provided. If all the same you set this to any other sidebar widgets, developers are not responsible for their incorrect display. If you decide to set up for this sidebar any widgets, developers will not be responsible for their incorrect display.

FlatCV theme has 2 custom widgets. Take a look in Appearance - Widgets.

Custom widgets:

  1. WP Space - QRCode VCard: Displays QR code with your VCard 3.0. Designed to be used on Contact Page Sidebar.
  2. WP Space - Skills: Displays levels of your knowledge and skills as diagrams. Designed to be used on the Resume Page Sidebar. It is allowed to use several copies of the widget within a sidebar.

PSD Files

We've included 16 PSD files with this theme. All PSD files you can find in the folder PSD

Demo Content

We've included XML file FlatCV_Dummy_Content.xml with content from our demo site that you can find in DemoContent folder inside the archive that you have downloaded from ThemeForest.

To import this information into a WordPress site follow these steps:

  1. Log in to that site as an administrator.
  2. Go to Tools: Import in the WordPress admin panel.
  3. Install the "WordPress" importer from the list.
  4. Activate & Run Importer.
  5. Upload the file "Content.xml" file using the form provided on that page.
  6. You will first be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the site. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the site or to create a new user.
  7. WordPress will then import each of the posts, pages, comments, categories, etc. contained in this file into your site.

Sources and Credits

This section discloses the sources of various files used within the theme and describes their function. Use this section to gain an understanding on how the theme functions behind the scenes if considering any type of modification.

  • Fonts:
    • Arial (standard)
    • Helvetica (standard)
    • Georgia (standard)
    • Lucida Grande (non standard)
    • Open Sans (non standard)
    • Lato (non standard)

All non standard fonts are from Google Web Fonts

We have used the pictures from:

All images are copyrighted to their respective owners and not available for download with this theme.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form from our Profile Page on ThemeForest. Thank you so much!